Oracle Groundbreakers Yatra Online - World Class Speakers - Watch this space

About Oracle Groundbreakers Yatra Online


The Oracle Groundbreakers / Oracle ACEs/ Oracle User Group Evangelists in the region are organizing an event called ‘Oracle Groundbreakers Yatra’ during the month of July 2020. India is a primary hub for information technology and a station for most software development centers and support centers for Oracle applications. Oracle community in India comprises of several 400000 users. In a large country like India, such user concentration is not in one location or one IT park but spread across its length and breadth.

The health of All India Oracle Users Community (AIOUG) is our primary concern. Considering global precautions for the COVID-19 Coronavirus, and building upon recommendations from the World Health Organization, AIOUG is taking a new approach to its Oracle Groundbreaker Yatra event. The event is a highly concentrated 15-day collaboration and transformation while providing the deep technical education needed for our Indian Oracle Community.

Join us Yatra and meet industry Gurus /celebrities. You will be able to acquire knowledge directs from the experts and get a deep dive into different skill areas.


Who should attend ?

If you are working with Oracle Database & Application in any aspect of Administration, Development this is a must-attend event for you. In the event, you get to meet and learn from the Oracle experts around the world at a single place. You discuss, ask questions, socialize, share knowledge and meet the fellow Oracle enthusiasts. 
The event will be led on multiple tracks to target all the professionals at all levels to make the most of the event. Do you want more? It doesn’t stop there. You can meet and discuss with the Oracle experts out of the sessions after hours if you are not satisfied with the daylong sessions.

Oracle  Database Administrator, Developers, Technical Consultants, Functional Consultants, Data Scientists, System Administrator, Architects, Middleware Administrators, Operations Manager, Application Managers, Business Analysts

GOVERNMENT COMPLIANCE: We are pleased to provide attendance at this event to government personnel when appropriate under applicable laws and agency policies. Oracle Users Group is committed to high standards of ethical conduct and does not intend to offer an inappropriate gift or create even the appearance of impropriety. By attending this event and accepting any gifts which may be offered,  the attendee certifies that he/she is able to do so in compliance with applicable laws and the internal rules of his/her organization. Oracle Users Group reserves the right to limit attendance accordingly and pursuant to the policy. Please contact with any questions or concerns about this disclosure.

Reasons to Attend


  1. Be part of Yatra - Your one-stop shop for knowledge on Oracle where you can learn from the experts from around the globe.
  2. Build your network - A not-to-be-missed opportunity to meet in-person with your Oracle experts from across continents community with countless networking opportunities, you'll get to share thoughts and hear success stories all in person.
  3. Learn best practices - Learn how to make the best of Oracle
  4. Carry back the knowledge -  Return from this conference with confidence of knowledge gain that you can apply right back to your work. With the knowledge, you gain you can retrain your colleagues and showcase the best you can do with Oracle.
  5. To expand your knowledge and get the answers you need all in just two days.
  6. Share the knowledge - Meet the fellow Oracle folks and share your knowledge in various discussions in a session or over a coffee in the hallway. There is no restriction on where you talk about what you know or what you want to learn.